Holy insane superhero/cult/80s music mash-up! It’s 80s Girl vs The Jungle!

“Why don’t you tell us what that’s all about?”, we hear you ask!

“OK then!”, we reply!

WHAM! Mickey and Chrissie meet and fall in love!

POW! Chrissie leaves Mickey to join The Jungle!

THWACK! Mickey discovers The Jungle is a sinister cult and decides she must rescue Chrissie!

KAPOW! Mickey becomes…




Will she and her intrepid band of assorted friends and family members help Chrissie escape the evil clutches of the diabolical Lion Commander? There’s only one way to find out…


Soundtracked by a barrage of stupendous music from that most ridiculous of decades, the 1980s, 80s Girl vs The Jungle is a riotous, comedy-adventure musical, full of laughter and tears, madness and cheers. What more could you possibly want? A parrot? Yep, got one of those, too…


Suitable for ages 12+

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