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Musical: The Wedding Singer

Production Dates: 26, 27 May, 01, 02, 03 June 2023

Director: Detta Hannon

Musical Director: Richard Gregg

Workshop Dates:

Friday 06 January 8pm - 10pm

Sunday 08 January 11am - 1pm

Auditions: Sunday 05 February 10am - 12noon

The Wedding Singer is a fun musical based on the 1998 film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Set in 1985 in New Jersey the show features new music written for the show rather than the 80s hits heard in the film. The show needs a strong cast for both principals and ensemble.

Rock star wannabe Robbie Heart is New Jersey’s most in-demand wedding singer as “love is what I do”. However, when his own wedding plans go down the pan and he is left standing at the altar, Robbie’s heartbreak and grief suddenly make him the worst wedding singer you can find. He ruins every wedding he plays at until he connects with Julia, a pretty young waitress who dreams of her own perfect wedding. There’s just one problem: she’s already engaged to Glen, a rich, shallow Wall Street broker. Despite Robbie and Julia’s growing feelings, a series of miscommunications lead them away from each other. When Julia elopes with Glen to Las Vegas, Robbie decides to play the gig of his life to win her heart and her hand in marriage.

Character profiles

Robbie Hart – The Wedding Singer. Handsome and charismatic, genuine good guy who loves love until he has his heart broken by Linda.

Julia Sullivan – A waitress. Pretty but down to earth, “girl next door” in looks and personality. Engaged to Glen but falls in love with Robbie.

Glen – Wall Street broker. Smug, banker type. Handsome and smarmy.

Sammy – A bass player in Robbie’s band and his best friend. Pretends to enjoy the single life but is hiding his love for Holly. Excellent 80s hair cut.

George – Keyboard player in Robbie’s band. Wants to be just like Boy George. Sensitive and flamboyant.

Holly – Julia’s cousin and fellow waitress. Uninhibited and always up for a good time. Dresses like mid 80s Madonna.

Linda – Robbie’s fiancé who leaves him at the altar. Rock chick. Pretty but shallow.

Rosie – Robbie’s grandmother. Motherly but also hilarious. Great comic timing and good rap skills.

Angie – Julia’s mother. Divorced and bitter.

Ensemble roles including:

Harold and Debbie Fonda – first bride and groom in the show

David Fonda – drunk best man, gives worst speech ever.


Crystal and Mookie

Tiffany and Donnie

Donatella and Shane

Donatella’s mother

Sales clerk

1st and 2nd waiters

All of these roles (and others) have singing solos so we need a very strong ensemble. There is scope for playing multiple smaller roles as most only appear once or twice. We also need party guests and staff, diners, shoppers, club goers and more.

The final scene is set at a lookalike convention in Las Vegas so all those fancy dress parties have been excellent preparation. Names in the script are Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Mr T., Ronald Reagan, Tina Turner, Nancy Reagan and Imelda Marcos but some of these can be changed depending on who is in the scene, taking into consideration race, age, gender etc.

The ages are very vague, don’t let any preconceptions (whether from the movie or elsewhere) put you off any role. Everyone will be considered based on their audition.

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