We always welcome a helping hand to keep our theatre running. Whether you're new to the community or a regular member, we need you!

There are lots of ways to get involved with the Guild Theatre, from performing in one of our productions or concerts to working backstage behind the scenes. From making props and sewing costumes to selling programmes or serving drinks behind the bar. Directing, choreography, musicians, technicians, car park attendants to greeting audience members with a smile, there’s something for everyone and there’s a place for you at The Guild.

Our shows and events physically would not be able to go ahead without the hard work of all of those involved at the theatre, and we therefore are always extremely pleased to welcome new members and audiences to our community.

Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:


The Guild stages many different types of shows including: plays, musicals, pantomimes, concerts, murder mystery's and one-acts. 

We hold open auditions where both members and non-members are invited to audition ( please note, if you do perform in one of our shows though you will be required to become a member). 

Typically, workshops are held before the auditions to meet the production team, find out more about the show and learn the audition pieces. 


Shows are cast by an audition panel made up of members of the production team and committee. 

Length of rehearsal periods vary depending on the production, but typically would be around  1-2 times a week for a play and 2-3 times a week for a musical. Rehearsals can take place in the evenings or at weekends.


Rehearsals take place at our theatre usually in the space you will be using for the performance.  

To perform, the membership costs £30 a year with show fees on top. Fees vary depending on the length of rehearsal time. 


There are various members of the production team required to stage a show and the roles will depend on the type of producing being staged. 

Some of the roles in the production team include the director, choreographer, rehearsal pianist, musical director, production manager, prompt, sound and lighting designer and operators, set designers, set builders, costumer designer etc. 

Productions are decided by the programme committee. Usually a director will come forward with a presentation for a show they want to stage, they will then gather their production team with the help of the committee where needed. We welcome both experienced and new Directors to come forward. New Directors will be given an experienced director to mentor them and be on hand to help with the production. 


The Production Manager works is there to support the Director and the production as a whole, ensuring budgets are kept on track and show fees are paid etc. 

Some members will take on more than role in a production depending on their experience and skillset. 


As mentioned above, part of the production team is made up of volunteers who work extremely hard behind the scenes and a production would not be possible without people taking on these roles. 

These roles include designing and building sets. The Guild is fortunate to have a team of set builders who work extremely hard every Saturday morning to get the sets built, but performers and other team members are also expected to get involved in building, painting and dressing the set.

We are very lucky that we have an extensive costume and props store at the theatre, however sometimes additional props or costumes are required for certain productions and we therefore welcome those who are able to make costumes and props.  

During a run of a show, there will be a stage manager and various members of stage crew depending on the size of the production.


Generally our performers tend to choose to do their hair and makeup themselves, however on many occasions, the hairdressers amongst our membership have done a fantastic job of creating hair styles for a particular era in time or weird and wonderful creations. Sometimes we also require specialised make up and will therefore always welcome make up artists and hairdressers into our community. 

The theatre is accompanied by a car park and therefore during a busy show run it's important that we have volunteers to direct the cars in the car park to ensure all space is utilised. 

As well as the hard workers behind the scenes, we also welcome volunteers to work front of house at our productions and events. roles here include the box office, selling programmes and welcoming the audience to our theatre as well as serving behind the bar. 


No event or production could run without advertising, so again we welcome anyone who is willing to help advertise our productions and events, whether that be online, putting up posters and leaflets in shops or handing out leaflets locally.   


To complete a production and make it look and sound fantastic, we often require sound and light designers and operators. 

We have a Technical Manager who oversees the technical functions, but the design will often be chosen by the director working in conjunction with the Technical Manager and/or Operators. 

Occasionally, we run sound and light workshops to teach new people how to use the equipment.


The sound and lighting is operated from our lighting box at the top of the theatre. 



As well as all of the roles mentioned above, we work on many different types of events and therefore welcome many different skillsets and people into our community. From making cups of tea at rehearsals and making and serving cake at some productions, to writing and directing a production, everyone is welcome!

If you would like to get involved and join our lovely friendly community of theatre enthusiasts, we would love to hear from you! Please use the contact form below to contact our Membership Secretary Jane Fenlon to express your interest or for more information. 


And lastly, a production or event would not be possible without an audience. So if none of the above roles entice you to join the community, please come and support one of our events soon! We look forward to seeing you!

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