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Company (Musical)



Friday 17th-Saturday 18th May

Thursday 23rd-Saturday 25th May


Director - Kev Heasman

Musical Director: Lysa Wolfe

Choreographer: Karen Heasman

Production Manager: Jane Fenlon

Pianist: Mark Andrew


Bobby: Liam Handley 

April: Lauren Mills 

Kathy: Emily Briggs

Marta: Niamh Young

Joanne: Ginnie Morris

Larry: Kevin Heasman

Sarah: Emily Lane-Blackwell

David: Dan Pike

Amy: Gemma Dand

Paul: Russell Gruber

Jenny: Sarah Finn

Harry: Ben Wells 

Susan: Detta Hannon

Peter: David Ames


Ellesse Cooke, Karen Graham, Ruth Irons, George Morris



Successful. Sophisticated. Sauve. Robert is all of these things. He is also alone. Despite being surrounded by a tribe of emotionally challenged couples, each having their own existential crises. Robert is tethered to them all, but connected to none.


But Robert wants growth and change, a chance to start again. To do so he needs to understand what is making Harry and Sarah’s marriage so dynamic; what is causing Amy and Paul to take the next step; what is preventing Susan and Peter from taking their next step; what David feels about marriage to Jenny; just what does Joanne hide from Larry behind the drink and scorn?


His girlfriends (yes, multiple) aren’t any less confusing. With desires for the familiar, the new, and the chaotic (not all at the same time, not all the same person), settling down with one of these New York City girls might not be the answer he is searching for.


Life is never simple.


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