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Company (Musical)


WORKSHOPS - Sunday 7th January @ 10am, Wednesday 10th January @ 8pm


AUDITIONS - Sunday 28th January @ 5.30pm



Week 1 - Friday 17th-Saturday 18th May

Week 2 - Thursday 23rd-Saturday 25th May

REHEARSALS - Friday and Sunday Evenings


Director - Kev Heasman



Successful. Sophisticated. Sauve. Robert is all of these things. He is also alone. Despite being surrounded by a tribe of emotionally challenged couples, each having their own existential crises. Robert is tethered to them all, but connected to none.


But Robert wants growth and change, a chance to start again. To do so he needs to understand what is making Harry and Sarah’s marriage so dynamic; what is causing Amy and Paul to take the next step; what is preventing Susan and Peter from taking their next step; what David feels about marriage to Jenny; just what does Joanne hide from Larry behind the drink and scorn?


His girlfriends (yes, multiple) aren’t any less confusing. With desires for the familiar, the new, and the chaotic (not all at the same time, not all the same person), settling down with one of these New York City girls might not be the answer he is searching for.


Life is never simple.


COMPANY is a musical for the ages with amazing iconic songs by Stephen Sondheim and a fascinating book by George Furth. Promising to present extraordinary vocals with Lysa Wolfe as Musical Director, incredible interpretative dance from Karen Heasman as Choreographer, and the usual imaginative chaos from Kev Heasman in the Director chair, this wonderful show will grace The Theatre Guild in May 2024.


ROBERT - Age mid-30s

Charming and engaging, Robert is comfortable everywhere except his own head. His friends love him, his girlfriends are intrigued by him. Needs to be a very confident singer and performer - rarely leaves the stage.

SARAH - Age mid-30s to late 40s (to match Harry)

Neurotic and repressed, Sarah lives through others. Denies herself pleasures to conform to some idealised version, but pushes them on to others to help fill the void. Must be physically comfortable with the fight scene - it will involve rolling on the floor! Key member of the Poor Baby fantasy number


HARRY - Age mid-30s to late 40s (to match Sarah)

In denial about his addictions and his devotion to his wife. He is serious about their relationship and would do whatever he has to keep her


SUSAN - Age late 20s-late 30s

Not a native New Yorker. Her simpler outlook on life is still modern and liberal but not complicated by being governed by practicality

Susan is a key member of the group songs, but doesn’t have a big solo number


PETER - Age late 20s-late 40s

A city worker, probably in money, he’s a go-getter, full of drive and determination. Also full of a desire to be free. To have his fancy cake and eat it too. He’s a contradiction on legs Like Susan, Peter is a strong vocal presence in the group songs, but he also leads some of the numbers aimed at Robert


JENNY - Age late 30s-late 40s

Jenny appears quite buttoned-up. A dedicated American Mom, she does the soccer-runs, the PTA, the World Book Day. But when the kids are in bed… She wants to experience what NYC can offer. After experimenting with weed, she is more confident than her normal inhibitions will ever let her be, and more insightful than David would ever acknowledge. Group singer, and key member of the Poor Baby fantasy


DAVID - Age 40s-early 50s

Despite being quite the control freak, with some interesting ideas on marriage, David comes across as rather mild-mannered. He does love to see Jenny in her looser moments: maybe he then has something else over her. A solid character, often used in the group numbers and a bit of a counter-point to Robert


AMY - Age late 20s-late 40s (to match Paul)

Overwrought and complex, Amy is strung out by her anxieties and projecting her worries onto all those she holds dear. Whip-smart and quick-witted, her insecurities might ruin her chances at a happy life Diction. The singer must have diction.


PAUL - Age late 20s-late 40s (to match Amy)

Calm, attentive, moderate. Loving and centred. Why is Paul in this group of misfits again? A small yet significant part, requires a confident singer to hold their own against the ball of neuroses of Amy


JOANNE - Age mid-40s upwards

A powerhouse of a character. Cool, scathing, clinically reviewing the whole gang with disdain. Joanne is a delight. More than a match for Robert. A strong, dynamic singer with great stage presence. Multiple large songs. Needs confidence!

LARRY - Age 50s upwards (to match Joanne)

Larry has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the company that made the t-shirt. Unphased by the pithy remarks from his wife, he has a very strong belief in himself and his love for Joanne. He knows who he is and what is required and happily provides it

Group singer, supporting part in Regretful Happy


MARTA - Age 20-30

A wild card, ready to take everything that life can throw at her. She loves the city, the idea of the city, the people, the grime, the soul of the place. Everything is new and exciting. She is terrifying of the girlfriends, Marta is the strongest singer - leading Another Hundred People and confident with three-part harmonies for Crazy. Might need to be capable of dancing during Tick Tock


APRIL - Age 20-mid 30s

An Air Steward with no self-confidence or belief she has any worth. Tropes Robert plays upon. Not a serious relationship for Robert, but a comfort in difficult times. Strong with harmonies for Crazy. Comfortable with the uncomfortable nature of Tick Tock and Barcelona - we can discuss at the workshops


KATHY - Age 20-mid 30s

Sweet, polite, understanding. Horrible words to describe your lover, but apt for Kathy. Committed to their relationship, but knowing it could never last, Kathy was definitely the grown in the room. Strong harmonies for Crazy. Might need to be capable of dancing during Tick Tock




To be used around and within the narrative to help frame scenes, to support dance numbers, and to give this production its unique flavour. More to be discussed at the workshops

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