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Nearly Ever After

A Pantomime

Written by: Rosie Owen

19th - 20th and 26th - 27th January 2024

Director: Rosie Owen

Musical Director: Richard Gregg

Production Manager: Jane Fenlon

Choreography: Rosie Owen and Ben Wells



Rory is a perfectly normal person, with a perfectly normal life. Except that sometimes, her wishes come true… and animals talk to her… and her Mum says that a Fairy left her in the garden when she was a baby. Other than that, totally normal. But when Rory wakes up one night to find Prince Charming in her kitchen, things get very not-normal, very quickly. Meanwhile in the Land Faraway, a Princess is sleeping in a tower, and the evil Witch who cursed her is trying to make herself Queen by finding a King. With trolls, betrayal, pirates, and unnecessary musical numbers standing in their way, can Rory and Charming save the Princess and all of Faraway before the wedding? An alternative telling of Sleeping Beauty (sort of), Nearly Ever After is a story about a secret magical world and how it takes a team to rescue a Princess. With all the tropes and characters of a traditional pantomime, reimagined by someone who watched way too many films as a child, Nearly Ever After is a fun, extremely silly, action packed panto for all the family. "

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