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All Together Now! in association with Music Theatre International

12 & 13 November 2021

Directed by David Ames

Musical Director: Richard Gregg

Production Manager: Jane Fenlon

Lighting Design: Scott Terry

Lighting Operators: Scott Terry and Evie White

Projectionist: Jane Fenlon 

Set Construction: Dani Baylis, Viv Cranny, Jane Fenlon, James Stevens, Peter Marsh, Andrew Baylis

Choreography: Liz Brown, Detta Hannon and Gemma Dand

The Band: Mark Andrew, Andy Pike, Madhu Pike and Stuart Albery

Cast: David Ames, Gemma Dand, Sian Dickman, Sarah Finn, Daisy Gregg, Russell Gruber, Liam Handley, Emily Lane-Blackwell, Dawn Leese, Mel Loucaides, Cliff Martin, Alex Mold, Ginnie Morris, Natalie Morrison, Amy Paterson, Rhiannon Pike, Kat Scott-Jones, Scott Terry, Ben Wells, Evie White and Lysa Wolfe

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