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Doris in Pantoland by Dani Baylis 

27-29 January 2022

Dani Baylis took us into the strange world of Panto Land which included all of your favourite characters in one handy show! Panto Land is in crisis with its two useless heirs to the throne, just not up to the job. The King and Queen decide to send them out on a quest to find the Ring of Power as ‘whoever wears the ring will rule the Kingdom forever and a day’. The villainous Princes delegate the quest to our hapless heroine, Doris. The quest takes Doris to various parts of the Kingdom searching for clues, she makes many friends along the way, some of whom decide to join her group, but they are not all who they seem to be.

Will Doris find The Ring? Will she find out who her true friends are?

Will she ever find true love and free herself from the matchmaking efforts of her overbearing mother? 

Directed by Dani Baylis

Musical Director: Richard Gregg

Choreography: Emily Lane-Blackwell

Cast: Izzy Baylis, Alice Weekes, Bessie Weekes, Daisy Gregg, Russell Gruber, Cliff Martin, Richard Gregg, Susanne Gibbons, Pete Murphy, Aurelie Amusu, Ruth Irons, Agata Rychlewska, Lysa Wolfe, Jenny Rumley, George Duffort, Lynne Hunt, Lynne Murphy, Christine Cavender, O’Bunmi Amusu, Hargo Clare, Lucy Amos




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