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WORKSHOPS - Tue 7th & Thur 9th November at 8pm


AUDITIONS - Sunday 26th November at 10am


PERFORMANCES - 4th, 5th, 6th April




Director - Dan Pike


Production Manager - Kay Banfield

Based on the 1998 Academy Award Winning film it is a love story about struggling young playwright Will Shakespeare and a feisty, free-thinking young noblewoman who helps him overcome his writer's block and becomes his muse. And it's a love letter to the stage itself – bursting with humour, wonderful characters and theatrical allusions.

Viola de Lesseps is Will’s greatest admirer and will stop at nothing – including breaking the law and dressing as a boy actor – to appear in his next play. Against a bustling background of mistaken identity, ruthless scheming and backstage theatrics, Will’s love for Viola quickly blossoms, inspiring him to write his greatest romantic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

Funny and moving in equal measures, this stage version of Shakespeare in Love was acclaimed as "riotously enjoyable" and a show that "makes you feel grateful to be alive" when it premiered in London in 2014.


Principal Roles

Will Shakespeare [mid 20s-mid 30s]: Poet and Playwright. Hopefully struggling with writer’s block before discovering his muse in Viola. Energetic, romantic,

Viola De Lessops [early 20s-early 30s] A daughter of a rich merchant who disguises herself as Thomas Kent to audition to be an actor. In love with the theatre, and eventually in love with Will. Must be able to convincingly play a young man, as well as an elegant young heiress.


Supporting (large roles)

Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe [mid 20s-mid 30s - pretty much the same as Shakespeare]: Will’s Colleague, friend, and inspiration. Already a hugely successful poet and playwright. Shakespeare’s wingman. Seemingly arrogant and earnest at the same time.

Philip Henslowe [40+]: Owner and manager of the Rose Theatre. He worries about money because he owes debts to many people, including Mr. Fennyman. Hugely comedic part.

Lord Wessex [40+]: An insensitive, arrogant nobleman betrothed to Viola, who plans to take her to Virginia. Good comic timing, although he is not funny. In fact he has a very sinister edge that should make the audience feel deeply uncomfortable.

Ned Alleyn [30s-40s] The lead actor of the Admiral’s Men, plays Mercutio. Arrogant superstar of the time, whose presence is felt the second he enters. Huge character.

Nurse [mid 30s+ - older than Viola]: Servant to Viola, keeper of her secrets. Matronly, witty, good comic timing.


Supporting (smaller roles)

Edmund Tilney [50+]: The Lord Chamberlain. Completely un-fun. Tries to get the theatres shut down.

Richard Burbage [40+]: The lead actor and owner of the Curtain Theatre, and one of the biggest actors of the time. Larger than life, arrogant, a complete peddler of Bombast.

Hugh Fennyman [40+]: Debt collector turned theatre producer and actor. Finds a new love for the theatre through his dealings with Henslowe. Menacing at first, but warm in the end.
Wabash [any age]: A stammering actor and Henslowe’s tailor. Funny yet must command the audience when he has his big moment.

Sam [Late teens/early 20s - has to believably have an unbroken voice]: An actor who plays Juliet. Is unable to play her on stage as his voice breaks at just the wrong moment. Effeminate, but not camp. Must appear young and play a convincingly unbroken voice.

John Webster [teens]: A street urchin who aspires to be an actor. End up ‘exposing’ Will and Viola’s love affair. Must be convincingly young and bad at acting.

Ralph [30+]: An actor who plays Nurse and Petruchio. Good comic timing.

Queen Elizabeth II [Late 50s-60s]: Queen of England. Must be able to command the stage in every way. Terrifying, yet benevolent.


Ensemble: can be doubled up with other roles

Sir Robert De Lessops [50+ or believably older than Viola]: Viola’s father, who unfeelingly sells her to Wessex. Can be doubled up with other ensemble roles

Lambert [any age]: Fennyman’s hardman

Frees [any age]: Fennyman’s hardman

Molly [any age]: Whore of the tavern (can be doubled with Mistress Quickly or any ensemble)

Kate [any age]: Whore of the tavern (can be doubled with Mistress Quickly or any ensemble)

Mistress Quickly [any age]: Wardrobe mistress at Whitehall Palace

Musicians (members of the ensemble)

Actors of the Rose Theatre:

Nol [any age]: An actor who plays Benvolio and Samson

Robin [any age]: An actor who plays Lady Capulet

Adam [any age]: An actor who plays Gregory, Benvolio, and Servingman

Peter [any age]: An actor of the Lord Admiral’s men who plays Tybalt

Two ‘heavies’ of Burbage’s, Guards, Waiter, Barman, Boatman

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