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Shivers by Peter Harrison

A trio of one act plays with a hint of Horror

27 - 29 October 2022

Directed by Kevin Heasman


Workshop and Audition Information

Workshops: Tuesday 05 and Tuesday 12 July 2022

Auditions: Sunday 17 July 2022

Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings

Tales we tell around campfires. Stories to unsettle and unnerve. Scares to send shudders down the spine. Step into the dark and confront ghost stories to frighten the soul and unease your mind.


Join us as we take an elevator down into fear and loneliness; question the importance of trust and belief in family across the ages; and find wonder in a home that has more than metaphorical skeletons within its cupboards. Three acts telling three stories to distract, disquiet, and disturb, just in time for Halloween.


Dare you enlist as an explorer of the strange? Explore the eerie and extraordinary. Or are you afraid of what you might find causing SHIVERS?



ACT ONE: Falling Apart—Characters

Amanda – Sophisticated, educated, cool in an effortless way. Comfortably wealthy, refined and eloquent, she could command a room with a look. Age – anywhere from mid 20’s to mid 40’s – equivalent to Andrew.


Andrew – Also from family money, he is the guilty party in the relationship. Aggrieved that his mistake has brought them to this point, he is sorry. However, he is determined to keep their friendship going. Age – as above, matching Amanda as a realistic pair.


Lift Attendant – Wise, preternaturally calm, and immediately engaging as a friendly voice, the Lift Attendant is both antagonist and saviour of the story. This is a voice over part, so age of actor is not relevant. However, they must have an air of authority, being able to command the attention of their trapped audience.



ACT TWO: All Hallows Eve—Characters

Hugh – The latter part of the twentieth century has passed him by with very little impact. He just wants to preach a little faith in the good book. Simple. Gentle. Nothing too complicated. Age – mid 50’s to early 60’s.

Morwenna – Inquisitive and reflective, faith, belief in something more, is core to her existence – but not necessarily the prescribed paradigm of popular subscription. As a dabbler in spiritualism, the idea of a visitation isn’t as abhorrent to her as it is to Hugh. Age – similar age to Hugh, but possible a little younger. Certainly, in outlook, if not actual age.

Verity – Teenage daughter of the local vicar, respect and deference are due all around, but it also vital to be an individual with your own clear voice. Hidden beneath her proto-goth clothes and make-up is a heart as loving as her father’s and a mind as sharp as her mother’s. Her capacity for faith in the beyond is the most restricted of the three. Age – playing mid to late teens.

ACT THREE: Knock Knock, Who’s There? - Characters

Yvonne – Disgruntled and disappointed, she is the matriarch of her own small kingdom, she’ll boss anyone around. And she’ll also hold anyone to her own high ideals. Age – late middle-age

Dennis – All he wants is an easy life, but Yvonne has other plans. If the flat is haunted, at least the ghost isn’t after his spirits, just the assorted china knick-knacks. Age – late middle-age

Gail – Could this be her big break into the prime-time news-presenting spot of her dreams? She is very enthusiastic, convinced there is a genuine story here of innocent tenants besieged by the supernatural.

Age – mid-20’s-30’s

Jimmy – Seen it all, filmed it all and been sober enough to remember most of it. Supposedly the wise, guiding hand of the roving reporting pair, suspicious of everything, and pessimistic to the bone.

Age – late 30’s-50s

For more information or a copy of the script contact Jane Fenlon