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Shivers by Peter Harrison

A trio of one act plays with a hint of Horror

27 - 29 October 2022

Directed by Kevin Heasman


Amanda - Rhiannon Williams-Pike
Andrew - Liam Handley
The Attendant - David Ames
Hugh - Ian Phillips
Morwenna - Lindsay Hudson
Verity - Leanne Horne
Yvonne - Steph Anderson
Dennis - David Banfield
Gail - Karen Faulks
Jimmy - Dan Pike

Tales we tell around campfires. Stories to unsettle and unnerve. Scares to send shudders down the spine. Step into the dark and confront ghost stories to frighten the soul and unease your mind.

Join us as we take an elevator down into fear and loneliness; question the importance of trust and belief in family across the ages; and find wonder in a home that has more than metaphorical skeletons within its cupboards. Three acts telling three stories to distract, disquiet, and disturb, just in time for Halloween.

Dare you enlist as an explorer of the strange? Explore the eerie and extraordinary. Or are you afraid of what you might find causing SHIVERS?

ACT ONE: Falling Apart

ACT TWO: All Hallows Eve

ACT THREE: Knock Knock, Who’s There?

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